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When looking for an Uniquely Designed / Custom Made provider, leverage the YesLED advantage. With over 40 years of market knowledge, infrastructure, domain-specific engineering and manufacturing expertise, accelerate time-to-market and profits for:

- UV
- Solar Panel
- Radio Frequency (RF) transmission and reception
- Semiconductors
- Audio Video
- Digital Electronics
- Electrical/Mechanical Solutions ......etc. 

New Product Development & Private Labeling

An integrated manufacturing process provides Custom / OEM partners with unique product development and branding opportunities, ranging from individual components to private labeling and full service product development:

- Subassemblies

* Adapting components to meet product requirements
* Custom designed components
* Component sourcing, assembly, quality assurance and testing

- Private Labeling (OEM): Personalization/Modification of Existing YesLED Products

* Logo
* Color/Finish
* Form Factor/Shape
* Features/Functionality

- Full Product Lifecycle (ODM): New Product Definition, Design and Development

* Project/Product Management
* Product Requirements
* Engineering/Development
* Testing/Certification
* Quality Production

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