Update date & time: Mar-06th-2017 12:22
Datasheet Image Model No. Products Color Wavelength / Color Temperature λP[nM] / [CCT] Type Package Package Size No. of Channels No. of Chips Luminous Intensity [mcd] Luminous Flux [lm] Radiometric Power [mW] Irradiance Po[mW/sr] Color Rendering Index [CRI] Directivity 2Δθ[°] Forward voltage Vf[V] Forward current If[mA] Group
YL-5054F-FRUV(A) 5054 SMD FRUV LED Infrared + Red + UV (IR)850nM (R)625nM (UV)405nM SMD SMD-5054 5.00 x 5.40mm 3 3 (R)1 lm (IR)20mW (UV)10mW 120° (IR)1.4V (R)1.8V (UV)3V 20mA S96