Update date & time: Dec-30th-2015 18:01
Datasheet Image Model No. Products Substrate Crystal Structure of AlN Epitaxial Layer Diameter Thickness of Substrate Thickness of AlN Epitaxial Layer Surface Backside FWHM of X-ray ω-scan rocking curve Conductivity Packing Group
YL-AlN AlN Template c-plane sapphire wurtzite 50.8 mm ± 0.25 mm (typical) 430 μm ± 25 μm (typical) 1 μm ± 0.3 μm (typical) c-plane AlN, as grown effective area < 40 mmΦ (typical) no cracks by a visual inspection. rough < 150 arcsec for (0002) (typical) insulating packaged fluoroware container and vacuum-packed S25